Prospective planholders can find information and documents for projects that are currently available for bidding here.



Deposits for Bidding Documents shall be in form of checks for $65.00 for each set, made payable to Keach Architectural Design, Inc., or CIB-AGC Document Request/Security Cards.

Each General Contractor may obtain up to 3 complete sets of Bidding Documents. Subcontractors may obtain 1 complete set of Bidding Documents. Deposits will be returned to bidders who return all the complete sets of Bidding Documents in good condition to The Wassi Group within 10 days after date of opening of bids. Bidders may receive a single Bidding Document set of digital PDF files online at no cost. Registering through The Wassi Group is required for online sets. To do so, follow the Project Manual and Drawings link below.

Document Name Published Files
Advertisement for Bids
03-07-2017 Download
Project Manual, Drawings, and Addenda
03-07-2017 Download
Current Planholders
Updated Daily Download
Pre-Bid Meeting Attendance
03-14-2017 Download
Bid Tabulation
04-04-2017 Download