The Wassi Group offers a full line of CAD related printing services. We have an on-site print shop where we offer high quality, large format prints and scans. We specialize in printing construction documents for a variety of industries.

Prints and Copies

We offer both standard and large size formats up to 36″ wide. We have the capability of printing both black & white and color prints and copies on the following paper types:

  • Bond paper
  • Mylar
  • Vellum
  • Photo paper

High quality, service oriented company

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Our firm is thankful to have such a high quality, service oriented printing company in Morton.

Project Manuals

Nearly all construction projects have a corresponding project manual, or specification book. We have the capability of printing and binding these books for distribution with your project’s documentation.

Scanning and Archiving

We can scan your paper drawings so that you are able to backup and archive electronically.

Bid Documents

We can readily handle the large quantities of prints that are typically associated with a project going out for bid. Our planroom services can also help you with hosting and distributing the documents to potential bidders.

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