Industrial CAD Services

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3D Modeling

Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling, or BIM, refers to the creation of 3D models of a building and the related building components. This process has traditionally been completed using 2D drawing methods. BIM allows for the architectural, structural, and industrial systems of a building to be created more accurately, allowing for better concept visualization and ultimately superior construction documents.

BIM Coordination

We regularly work with other trades during the BIM process to ensure the accuracy of each system and to detect and resolve clashes that, in the past, have only been realized in the field or by laboring over multiple drawing sets to make comparisons between sections and elevations of work to be installed by the various trades. Correcting clashes between multiple building systems electronically can greatly reduce the time required to build and install these systems in the field.

Photo-Realistic Renderings

Full color, photo-relaistic renderings can be created from your 3D model. Lifelike photo/model overlays can also be created to show how a finished building or system will look.

2D Drafting

Diagrams and Schematics

Our technicians are experienced at creating one-line diagrams, wiring schematics, and other systems layouts.

Construction Drawings

A complete and accurate set of plans can determine the success of any project, large or small. We regularly work with individuals and companies in the architecture industry to produce CAD plans for use during the construction of buildings.

Record Drawings

We can produce CAD plans that accurately represent the as-built conditions of a building or structure. This may be as simple as capturing drawing changes that have occurred from design to build, or as complex as performing a complete site verification and creating a set of drawings from scratch.

CAD Conversions

Whether it is an initial design concept you have sketched, or a complete set of construction documents that only exist on paper, our staff is capable of performing detailed and accurate paper to CAD conversions. We are also experienced at performing CAD conversions from documents that exist in other electronic formats such as pdf

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