3D Laser Scanning Services

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3D Laser Scanning Services

Instead of just providing laser scanning services, we set out to do something different by continually pushing the envelope and coming up with new ways to use this exciting technology. We think you’ll agree that we are doing just that. Allow us to introduce you to our services and we will work with you to determine the most productive way to leverage them for your project. Examples of some of our 3d laser scanning services:

  • Existing Conditions and As-built Documentation
  • Point Cloud Processing
  • 2D Floorplans, Sections, and Details
  • Scan to BIM and Other 3D Modeling
  • Clash Detection Studies and Coordination
  • Point Cloud Visualizations and Fly-throughs
  • Need additional deliverable types? We can help, just ask!

Do you need to share your scans with other project stakeholders?

This is where Faro SCENE WebShare comes into play! Most scan projects contain extremely large sets of data that are not easily sent to team members. With SCENE WebShare you can:

  • Quickly and easily share scan data
  • Take off measurements directly from the scan viewer
  • Add notes and link to documentation specific to assets shown in scans
  • and more!

View a LIVE DEMO of The Wassi Group’s WebShare Server

Do you have an idea for a new application for 3d laser scanning?

Get in touch with us! We are always looking for new and novel ways to use this technology. One of our goals is to continue developing laser scanning for new uses and to be a vehicle for change in the industry.


Benefits of Using 3D Laser Scanning


How long would it take for you to capture and record 1 million measurements with a tape measure? 3D laser scanning captures this amount of data in just over 1 second. With 3D laser scanning you will save time on your next project.


Have you ever had to contort yourself from a ladder or scaffolding to get measurements? Have you ever attempted to survey an overpass with cars passing by? With 3D laser scanning technology you can come down from that ladder and step out of the roadway. Our equipment has an effective range of up 330 meters!


You may be able to measure within 2 milimeters using a 25 foot tape, but try doing that at 300 plus meters. 3D laser scanning provides the same accuracy at the extents of it’s range that it does when used in close proximity to it’s target.


Industries We Can Provide 3D Laser Scanning Services To

There is a large number of industries who can benefit from 3d laser scanning. Below is a list of links to some additional information about a selection of industries who are currently using laser scanning to save time and money on projects. The list is always growing. I don’t think that it is too bold of a statement to say that anyone who uses measurement as part of their project can find some form of benefit from the technology.

Our Process

Our Process

flow of our process

I: Plan

Perhaps the most important phase of a scanning project is planning. It is during this time that our team works closely with yours to decide what your project requirements are. This is when we will determine specifically how and where we are going to provide added value to your project in the form of time and actual dollars.

II: Scan

Once we have created a “plan of attack” our team of skilled technicians will go to work in the field capturing data and scanning your project. Once we are confident that we have recorded all necessary features we will return to the office and begin for the next stage of the project.

III: Create

It is during this stage that things start to come together, literally. We will return to the office (or a location on site if desired) and begin to merge, or register, all of the individual scans in the project. The fully registered scan can then be geo-referenced to world coordinates or to a set of project specific coordinates. Where we really shine is when it comes to modeling from the point clouds. Whether it is a small portion of the project that needs to be modeled in Revit® or SolidWorks® or a full Building Information Model with “smart” geometry, we have you covered.

IV: Evaluate

In this final stage of a project we will review and evaluate the entire project for quality assurance. We confirm that all project requirements have been met accurately and on time. We also make it a point to do a follow up meeting with each client to get any feedback or comments they might have. We take this seriously and use this information to fine tune our processes and workflow.