3D printing

3D-Printing Methods: Which One Is Right for Your Project?

3d printing user

Call it the ultimate disruptive technology. Even in its infancy, 3D printing has made designers take notice, not least because of its promise to transform industries and remake manufacturing. Industry watchers even called the process “Wal-Mart in your hands” due to its range and potential. Fashion, food, aeronautics, medicine, construction, device manufacturing—this technology isn’t just […]

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3D Printed Architecture

3D Printed Room with a quarter billions surfaces

[socialring] Author: Bob Hohimer 3D Printed Architecture – The room with a quarter billion surfaces 3D printed architecture…what is that? Going back just a few short years would find most of us wandering what the heck 3D printing even is. More recently, 3D printing is beginning to gain traction and become a viable resource for […]

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